Starting out in UX Design

It is March 2020, I just finished Flatiron school’s UX/UI design course. I am now ready to hit the floor running (and get a job)!

First I need to start applying to job postings.

Before that I need to refresh my old, dusty (not trusty anymore) resume.

Before that I need to polish my new portfolio.

Before that I need to improve my Linkedin page.

It is now May 2020 all that work is done, now let’s apply to some job posts. I see a lot of great jobs out there for UX designers… but wait most of them say 3–5 years experience. Hmm, I don’t have that tenure to my name yet. The most I have is a 4 month team experience redesigning an advocacy site. Should I fudge the numbers and say it was a year long project? Should I look for other unpaid projects to jump on until I get to the 3–5 year experience window? Singly, neither of those seem like a good idea for me to pursue.

So I march on.

The first week of May has come and gone, I have applied to a few posts. I have reached out to make new connections on Linkedin. I am trying to expand my professional connection base and learn about the jobs being offered and how I can stand out in the community. So far I have made one new connection with another UX designer who has agreed to give me some advice. It is very early in the career search phase. I have the support of a Flatiron career coach and a game plan to follow. I am confidant and enthusiastic about my future.

I have heard from a couple other Flatiron UX alums that it took them dozens of job applications and 3–4 months before they landed a desired role. Sounds like a lot of work, a lot of cover letters, a lot of connection requests, a lot of trolling the internet for job postings, a lot of zoom interviews. In short it sounds like a full-time job!

Am I ready for all this?

You bet I am! Time to get back to work.